Are there followers or mercenaries in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels Explained

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal is here, bringing the killing of demons to mobile for the first time. The game has a ton of acts to chew through, and a brand new story to tell. As you fight off the denizens of Hell, you will encounter friends both new and old, and get to build the ultimate hero of your dreams. There’s a lot of build diversity here, and plenty of fun to be had. The base version of the game has plenty of meat on its bones, but there’s more to chew on once you get into higher difficulty ratings.

That higher difficulty also means having to bring friends. This is a game that’s designed sort of like an MMO, with groups being the intended way to tackle some bosses. And that’s going to carry through into higher difficulties as well. Players have to put effort into getting a group together. There are bonuses to doing so, like more XP and loot. But since not everyone wants to play online, there’s a bit of a hassle there. And that’s why some people want there to be mercenaries in Diablo Immortal. AI-controlled followers that grant bonuses or soak up damage were a thing in previous games.

Are there followers or mercenaries in Diablo Immortal?

So, are there followers or mercenaries in Diablo Immortal? The short answer is that, no, there are not bot followers in this game. You won’t get any bonuses for doing this like you did in D3. Since the game is designed around group play, that’s what Blizzard wants you to do. There are several ways to play with other players. You could create a Clan or Warband with online or real-life friends, and then game with them. The game also includes a matchmaking system to allow groups with random players.

The group also ties into the Cycle of Strife is an optional PvP game mechanic, where groups of players join a faction to compete with each other.

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There are a few other things to learn about this hit new RPG, so listen up. The Paragon leveling system is a bit different this time around, but mostly familiar. There’s also a more restrictive leveling system at play here, so keep that in mind. And if you find yourself not being challenged, trying a new difficulty in Diablo immortal might help. There’s also a battle pass to take on, if you want more consistent tasks to complete over your time with the game.

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