How to turn on Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite

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Visual Sound Effects on Fortnite is one of those things that might sound strange to players of other games, but it’s actually really helpful. Having a directional guide for where enemies or shots are coming from is just as good as a mini-map. Epic has just added a new setting you might want to check out on this front.

The idea of giving visual cues to players in Fortnite has been a thing for a while. There are actually two different versions of this same idea. One is called 3D Audio settings, and a lot of players with headphones prefer that one. But now, Epic has a more clarified version of the setting called Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite. The biggest difference between the two is that Visual Sound Effects is a bit more colorful, and helps you differentiate between what type of sound you’re hearing.

How to turn on Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite

  1. Open up your Menu and navigate to Settings.
  2. Click the Sound button at the top, it looks like a speaker.
  3. Now scroll through the Audio options to near the bottom.
  4. There is an option called Visualize Sound Effects. Turn Visualize Sound Effects on.
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Following these steps will allow you to see the visual indicators on your screen. This will show you exactly where footsteps, gunshots, vehicles, and heals are around you. if you struggle with situational awareness, this can help a lot.

Keep in mind that the visual sound setting will override the other 3D visual sound settings. You need to pick which one you prefer and only turn that one on.

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