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Google Stadia Will Support the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Google Stadia

In a win for gamers in need of accessibility options, Google Stadia will also support options like the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It seems like Google is making many of the right choices to increase goodwill and adoption of their new streaming platform. During the original announcement of the cloud gaming platform at GDC, Google announced many features including the ability to use any number of control options with the platform. So fi you wanted to use a specific type of controller, mouse and keyboard, or even the Google-branded option the company announced, you have that choice.

One downside with control options on Google Stadia is that anyone wanting to play games on TVs will need to use the Google Stadia controller that will launch with the release of the platform later this year.

Since it launched last year, the adaptive controller has received highly complimentary feedback from groups like Able Gamers and individual gamers looking for more progressive options for gamers in need of them. The core design of the adaptive controller for the Xbox is modular, so it allows tons of customization. There are 19 different 3.5mm jacks that gamers can plug a variety of peripherals into, allowing the controller to integrate various other control mechanisms and accessibility technology. Savvy gamers can also reprogram the basic functions to use the integrated buttons in different ways.

If all of this sounds confusing to you, here’s the simple version; Google announced a new gaming platform at GDC 2019. It’s called Google Stadia and will integrate cloud computing and a new form of low-latency technology Google has developed to allow gamers access to any of their games on any number of devices. The idea is subscription-based, but a pricing model or release date has not been announced. When it finally does launch gamers will be able to do some really interesting things, like play Xbox One and PS4 games on their PCs, phones and TVs, at least that’s the idea.

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And in another bit of news, Google Stadia will be supported by both first-party developers and third-party partnerships for games on the platform. Google’s own first-party studio for the project will be headed by former Ubisoft exec Jade Raymond.

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