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Apex Legends introduces the Havoc

Apex Legends

A new weapon is coming to the arsenal of Apex Legends players this week. Fans are already expecting a major new content update this March, but now the fanbase for the new battle royale game on the block just got a little taste of the future of Apex. Say hello to a brand new engine of destruction, The Havoc.

The Havoc is a new energy weapon in Apex Legends, one that packs quite the punch. This energy rifle allows shooters to choose between full-auto burst-fire and a single-shot beam mode, depending on which mods you have.Like I said, the gun even has support for hop-up mods, although you have to trade between the mod you want depending on the situation.

There’s the Turbocharger which shortens charge time on the Havoc, allowing it to ramp up to full-auto and stay there. Then the Select Fire hop-up allows the Havoc to swap to a single-shot mode instead of full auto.

Like all Apex weapons, Havoc comes with new skins to find in Apex Packs. The gun can appear on the ground or in boxes around Kings Canyon.

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If you’re just hearing about Apex Legends for the first time, and you happen to be a battle royale fan, you’re in for quite the ride. Apex is the newest game from Respawn and EA based on the Titanfall franchise.  It’s a team-based battle royale shooter stuffed with fast-paced action, interesting maps and characters designs, and it has a ton of hype surrounding it. The game has rocketed past more than 10 million players in less than a week, only continuing to grow in popularity sense then.

If you’re just jumping into the game yourself, be sure to get started by reading some of our helpful guides.

Check out the Havoc in action in the new trailer down below. The new weapon is now live in all versions of the game. That means it’s out now on the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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