Pokémon Go June 2021 Event Schedule: Events, Raids and more

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With the launch of Season of Discovery, Niantic is kicking their flagship mobile game into Summer overdrive. There’s a ton of events coming in June. Players can expect the same type of events for the most case. There’s a spotlight series of events on various days. During each Spotlight Hour, CP-boosted spawns of the chosen Pokémon will be seen across the game. Other events include special Research Breakthroughs throughout the month. Players can complete these to earn special item packs and encounters as rewards.

Next month, the fifth anniversary will be kicking off for Niantic’s game. During that month, the 2021 iteration of Pokémon Go Fest will kick off for fans. Pokémon Go Fest obviously won’t be an in-person event in 2021, thanks to COVID-19, but that hasn’t stopped Niantic from putting on the show anyway. Now running as a digital in-game event, Pokémon Go Fest 2021 will be run over a course of days, with players buying in to take part in raids and other events.

In the lead-up to that event, players will have plenty of opportunities to catch some new entries to the roster.

Here is a list of all the events happening in Pokemon GO during June 2021:

June 1

  • Giovanni’s Shadow Zapdos is available until June 17 at 12 AM Local Time.
  • Shiny Galarian Ponya Compensation begins on June 1 through June 8.
  • Clamperl will be in Breakthrough Box after 1 PM PST.
  • June Research Breakthrough begins.
  • Dwebble Spotlight Hour from 6–7 PM Local Time with 2x Catch XP.
  • Regirock, Regice, and Registeel return at 10 AM Local Time.
  • Mega Lopunny will appear in Mega Raids on June 1st, starting at 10 AM Local Time until June 8.

June 2

  • Regirock Raid Hour from 6 to 7 PM Local Time.
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June 6

  • Gible Community Day from 11 AM to 5 PM. Special Bonus includes three-times catch XP, with incense active for three hours. Exclusive mobe for evolved Gible is Earth Power.

June 8

  • Abra Spotlight Hour starts from 6 to 7 PM Local Time with 2x Catch Candy.
  • Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Slowbro, and Mega Slowbro release at 10 AM Local Time. The event runs until June 13, 8 PM Local Time.
  • A Very Slow Discovery begins on June 8 at 1 PM Local Time.

June 9

  • Registeel Raid Hour from 6 to 7 PM Local Time.

June 14

  • Ultra League and Premiere Cup starts on Monday, June 14 to Monday, June 28.

June 15

  • Slowpoke Spotlight Hour begins at 6 to 7 PM Local Time with double Transfer Candy.

June 16

  • Regice Raid Hour from 6 to 7 PM Local Time.

June 17

  • Surprise Legendary Pokemon Raid Boss that will replace all Regice’s after 10 AM Local Time.
  • Solstice Event
  • Mega Raid Bosses

June 22

  • Swinub Spotlight Hour begins at 6 to 7 PM Local Time with double Evolution XP.

June 23

  • A new unknown Raid Boss will have its Raid Hour at this time at 6 to 7 PM Local Time.

June 25

  • Bidoof event begins at 10 AM Local Time and run until July 1 at 8 PM Local Time.

June 28

  • Season 7 Master League, Master League Classic, and Element Cup start until July 12.

June 29

  • Aipom Spotlight Hour begins at 6 to 7 PM Local Time with double Catch Stardust.

June 30

  • An Unknown Raid Boss will have its Raid Hour at 6 to 7 PM Local Time.
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