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Terry Bogard live in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Releases Terry Bogard as new Fighter

Terry Bogard is one of many fighting game characters that fans of pretty much any video games have probably heard of, regardless of genre. SNK created a sure fire icon when he was first introduced in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. Since then, bombastic American fighter has won hearts all over the globe and through various video game iterations with a unique and chaotic style of fighting, and of course his characteristic swagger.

Seeing him added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, a lot of fans are happy, given that they can now take one of the most recognizable KoF characters into the wacky realm of Smash. The fighter has, much like any of the other huge variety of fighters in this Switch title, his own unique set of moves that offers plenty of variety. He’s a fast striker of a character, making him ideal for more aggressive players who wish to push opponents to the limit from the outset with pure speed and strength. The twist with using Terry is that he can unlock a set of Super Special Moves as his damage ratio increases. The closer to 100% he goes, the more powerful his hits become, making the new fighter a dangerous addition to the roster for clutch plays.

Check out the new fighter in all his glory in the trailer down below. We also included the original announcement for the new DLC fighter as well.

Terry will come with a DLC pack as well. This batch of DLC will feature 50 musical tracks, making it the largest number of tracks available for a DLC character so far in the game, and it will include music from multiple SNK games. So if you’re a diehard SNK fan, you’re in for a real treat.

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Alongside this new fighter and soundtrack comes the 6.0 patch to the fighting game, adding in new features and fixing bugs. Stage selection has been tweaked in patch 6.0 to allow for random stages to be chosen when a battle is being set up. Players also have the option of using a new King of Fighters stage as their battlefield. Omega Form maps have also been enabled in 6.0.

And if you’re wondering about price, the patch is free to all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, Terry and the new King of Fighters stage must be purchased for $4.99 in Challenger Pack 4, or as part of the $24.99 Fighters Pass bundle.

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