How to kill an ex’s lover in BitLife

How to complete The Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife

We’re into a crazy new year in 2021, and the weekly challenges are back in BitLife. The new weekly challenge is much less productive, compared to the likes of trying to become an airline pilot. You won’t be joining the mafia this time, but things are about to get violent. The new challenge is all about being that crazy ex that no one wants. And with this one, the game is asking you to do something very violent. You’re going to be that crazy ex for the new challenge.

Thankfully this is a video game and things are much simpler than they are in real life. One of the tasks in the challenge is to kill an ex’s lover in BitLife. Here’s how to do that.

How to kill an ex’s lover in BitLife

To complete this objective,  you will first need to get an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Because of the way the challenge works will make this easy, as you can need as many as 7 of the Exes to make the objectives complete. Use the Relationships tab and get a Date, then you can break up with them to create an Ex. Once you do this, you can move on to killing their new lover. You can normally do this by dating then ignoring them and not going on data anymore.

Once you have broken up, you will see them listed as an Ex in your own Relationships tab. From there you can go there and keep an eye on them. After you age up, you will need to check that Ex in each new year. When you spot that they have a new lover, it’s time to take them out. Go into Crime under Activities to get started. Keep in mind that there may be a few cycles of aging up needed to get the event to trigger. Select your target and get going with the Murder option.

When you do that you will be able to kill the target. You have many different options to choose from. Although poisoning is probably the best way as it won’t get you caught. That’s usually the best way to complete this objective. Now, you will be done and have killed an ex’s lover in BitLife.

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