How to Complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife

How to complete The Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife

We’re into a crazy new year in 2021, and the weekly challenges are back in BitLife. The new weekly challenge is much less productive, compared to the likes of trying to become an airline pilot. You won’t be joining the mafia this time, but things are about to get violent. The new challenge is all about being that crazy ex that no one wants. Here’s how to complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife.

  • Stalk 4 exes
  • Violate restraining orders at least 4 times
  • Kill an Ex’s new lover
  • Arrange booty calls with 3 exes
  • Marry an Ex who had a restraining order put on you

With this challenge, there’s a lot less reliance on stats and the like. You will want to focus on getting a boyfriend or girlfriend for starters as you’re going to be doing that a lot. You will be able to go out on dates by going to the Activities and Love section of the main menu. From there, there will be a Date option. You can select a potential date from the list.

Once you’ve done that enough times you will have a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can then go into the same tab you chose the Date option in, to get the Break Up option. You will be able to do this as many times as you need to do it several times to get multiple Exes. You will need at least four before you can move to the next step. You might want to do this and get 7 Exes if you want to get through both the violent and non-violent steps all at once. That would speed the whole challenge up.

How to arrange a Booty Call

Under “pick your objective,” choose the Booty call selection there. Do this with an Ex before you move on to stalking them.  Do that three times to complete this part of the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife. You need to them move on and get to the violent part.

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How to Stalk and Kill Exes and Lovers

This challenge is pretty crazy, as the name implies. Head over to the Relationships tab and check the Exes list. The challenge will require you to stalk four of your Exes. There should be an option that will you to Stalk them. Click that and move on after you’ve done it four times. These Exes will be pretty annoyed and will file restraining orders against you.

They will hit you with a restraining order, continue to use the Stalk option. You will be able to move on to the more insane part. You can break the order by talking to them, sending them a gift, or any other social option under the Relationships tab for that Ex.

Now, you’ll have to kill an Exes lover, it will be the riskiest part of the whole challenge. Age up in the new year after you break up and stalk your Ex, they have a new lover now. To complete the Crazy Ex Challenge you need to do this through the Crime tab and then select Murder. Choose the lover listed under your Ex, you will have to check the relationships dropdown to see who it is.

Once you have done the violent and non-violent options in teh challenge you will be able to complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife.

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