What is the highest Martial Arts belt in BitLife

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There are a ton of challenges and achievements in BitLife. Some ask you to become a judge and settle lawsuits, other want you to expel ghosts and demons. There’s a ton of variance there. You can even become a martial arts master. When trying to get a higher rank of Martial Arts belt in BitLife, you need to keep training.

There are many different Martial Arts in the game. There are five in total. Each one offers unique moves you can use in fights. Each martial art has a few different ranks you can train into. Each rank has a special move associated with it. Here are each of the Martial Arts in BitLife.

  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Kung Fu
  • Taekwondo

Here are the ranks of each of the belts you can earn for a

  • White belt
  • Yellow belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Brown Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Red Belt

Most of these belts will topout at Red Belt level, one tier beyond Black. Taekwondo and Kung-fu are the exceptions, and they end at Black Belt. It’s very easy to master a given skill. Head into the Mind & Body tab and click Martial Arts, this will open up the options to practice each discipline. Select the Practice option to finish up each practice section. You are also able to keep practicing for more than once in a year. Just keep getting lessons multiple times per year to master each discipline.

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