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Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers can now gift games

Xbox One

Finally, gamers can gift each other games purchased on Xbox One or the Windows Store. Looks like Microsoft is catching up with the likes of Steam in some ways. Players can also gift DLC, skins and other addons to one another via this system.

This is a major step in the right direction for Microsoft, now if only the system could be made a bit less restrictive, but we’ll get to that shortly. The system had a limited rollout in 2017 as a test phase, but it’s now available for all users.

Microsoft  detailed exactly how to give gifts on PC, since it’s an all-new option there, though it’s honestly pretty simple – all you need to do is head over to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, Xbox One or online. When there and logged in you’ll see some new options for games, including the option to Buy as a Gift.

The buyer then needs to enter the email or gamertag of the recipient, they can also select that from a friends list, and the person chosen to receive the gift will then get a code they can use to redeem the game. Everything can be redeemed very easily as well, a single confirmation is all it takes to begin downloading the purchased game or addon.

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However, there are couple of restrictions in place. One restriction is that you can only buy two of any discounted game and only ten discounted products total every 14 days. This is implemented ostensibly to prevent price scalping and resale. Luckily, gifting of normally priced games is unlimited. Gifting is also restricted to just Xbox One and Windows Store titles, Xbox 360 digital releases are not eligible to be given to other gamers. The other major restriction is that gifts also have to be redeemed in the country they were purchased in.

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