How to Hunt and Fish in Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV has debuted on PC and consoles this week. There’s a lot to learn about this game. Players have questions about revamped mechanics like Relics and Trading. There’s also a very much improved Landmarks selection for each faction to learn. That’s just the surface stuff as well. things are much more complex beyond that. As you’re in charge of a massive empire, you need to keep its money flowing. You can even hunt and fish in Age of Empires IV to get that economic engine running.

How to Hunt and Fish in Age of Empires IV

To hunt in Age of Empires IV, You have to select a villager and use them to do the task. You will need to hunt around the map for targets, so you’re going to want to send scouting units out. Have a few military units hunt around the map for wild animals, then you can send you villagers out to gather them up. You will find them out and about on the map as deer, wild boars, and wolves. When you find one, select a villager, then right-click on the animal to hunt it.

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Fishing works in very much the same way. You will see small splashes and fish jumping out of the water when you find a fishing node. You need to send a villager to them to gather from it. There is that added complication of adding a fishing boat to the mix. But if you don’t want to do that, there’s another way. You can walk a villager unit along the shore, then right-click on any schools of fish along the shore to have the villager fish them. Of course, you could just use the 60 Wood and make a boat to get fish that are further out in the water.

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