How to get the Nitro Express in Hunt: Showdown

How to get the Nitro Express in Hunt: Showdown

The Nitro Express in Hunt: Showdown is a rather powerful weapon. It’s the rifle in the game with the most stopping-power and it is highly requested among the playerbase. Players want that penetration to chew through pretty much any foe, and it makes sense, as this thing can blast through multiple targets with ease. The gun also makes plenty of noise, having a very distinct booming sound to its shot. So if you want to scare the competition, this is the weapon you want.

It’s arguably one of the best weapons in the game, and might even be OP. So if you want it, here’s how to get the Nitro Express in Hunt: Showdown.

It’s not that hard to get if you’re willing to put in the effort, it just takes time. The best way to get the Nitro Express in Hunt: Showdown is to farm for it. Make no mistake though, this isn’t going to be a fun and quick farm. To get the weapon, you first need to grind through the game to get to rank 88. This isn’t an easy process, but it’s fairly simple. Once you get to that rank, just hear to the in-game store and find the listing for the Nitro Express. It’s rather expensive though, as the second most-expensive weapon in the game, only behind the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat. The weapon costs a total of $1015 via in-game currency.

There is one rather common way to get the Nitro Express in Hunt: Showdown. Like any other weapon in the game, you can loot it from fallen enemies. The risk is that it can also be looted from our corpse. It will not be easy to beat this gun in a firefight, so take a weapon that has decent range and stopping power, but also one you don’t mind leaving behind.

There is one final way to obtain the Nitro Express in Hunt: Showdown. You will need to earn Stars in the trial mode of the game to add it to your arsenal. Earning 30 Stars in this mode will take time, but the rewards are pretty worth it.

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