Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Acorn DIY Recipes List

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There’s some new seasonal stuff heading into ACNH this month. Acorn DIY Recipes are the newest addition for September 2020 bringing a handful of Fall-themed items that should make your islands more fitting. The release of this new content will run for the entire month, and the Recipes ill be available through October 31.

If you’re into new seasonal events and items, this is a good month for you. There are also some plans in the works for Nintendo to deploy Halloween and Xmas updates as well, which is awesome. As someone who planned on making a Fall/Halloween island this year, it makes the process much easier to get new recipes with the right them.

Acorn DIY Recipes are themed around Fall and can be crafted with a mix of Wood varieties, Acorns and a few other items. Here’s the full list of Recipes currently in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • Tree’s Bounty Little Tree – 6 Pinecone, 4 Acorn, 1 Hardwood
  • Tree’s Bounty Mobile – 2 Pinecone, 3 Acorn, 3 Tree branch
  • Tree’s Bounty Lamp – 6 Acorn, 4 Clay
  • Traditional Balancing Toy – 4 Acorn, 2 Hardwood
  • Yellow Leaf Pile – 3 Acorn, 5 Clump of Weeds
  • Acorn Pochette – 6 Acorn
  • Tree’s bounty big tree – 6 Pinecone, 4 Acorn, 4 Maple leaf, 4 Clay
  • Tree’s Bounty Arch – 4 Pinecone, 5 Acorn, 5 Maple Leaf, 15 Tree branch
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