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Beyond: Two Souls PC demo is now available for download

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Something that PC gamers and Quantic Dream fans have been waiting for has finally happened. The French developer has released the demo version of the upcoming PC port of one of their more successful games, Beyond: Two Souls.

Beyond: Two Souls tells the story of the mysterious Jodie, a young girl plagued by nightmarish visions and night terrors, or that’s at least what people tell her. As her life goes on, she eventually becomes aware of supernatural influences and ghostly entities that are attempting to cross over into the world of the living. The journey she goes on with her otherworldly companion takes a lot of twists and turns, and it frankly get s pretty absurd. So if you’re looking for a silly sci-fi romp, this is probably a game you could take a look at.

It’s a Quantic Dream game, so fans will view it as more of an interactive film than a typical game, one with lots of twists and turns. People who aren’t so impressed by the efforts of David Cage will see a stilted and confusing plot led around by the barest of writing and contrivance, which ends just as confusingly as it began.

And now, with the PC demo out and about, PC gamers will get to experience the journey of growth and life choices for themselves. Quantic Dream hopes it will blow you away, when it hits its July 22nd release. That’s up to you though.

This game is joined by the two other high-end Quantic Dream titles, Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain. I would personally say that Beyond: Two Souls is the weakest of the three games, but if you’re really looking to play it, it’s only a month a way. You can download the demo from here.

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