How to get the Mindbender’s Ambition in Destiny 2

How to get the Mindbender’s Ambition in Destiny 2

Mindbender’s Ambition in Destiny 2 is the peak of shotguns in the game right now. Its power comes from a variety of elements, mostly it’s decent base stats that can be augmented via certain perks. The right combination of mods makes this shotgun lethal in almost any battle. So with that in mind, here’s how to get the Mindbender’s Ambition in Destiny 2.

Mindbender’s Ambition is one of the most popular Nightfall weapons in Destiny 2, which means you will be heading there to farm it. Its power makes it a very attractive Crucible weapon, so it’s best to be familiar with it when entering PvP to know how to counter it. The shotgun has the same base chance of dropping from the loot chest at the end of a Nightfall run as many other weapons though, so be prepared to farm for it. To get your hands on the Mindbender’s Ambition, you will need to farm the Hallowed Lair Nightfall.

Problem being, the Hallowed Lair Nightfall is locked behind an RNG gate with the weekly reset. Those players wishing to farm for it have to wait for it come up in the rotation.

With all of the impact stat it has, Mindbender’s Ambition in Destiny 2 has tons of stopping power. The reload speed is OK, but should be buffed for PvP as the smaller mag size will get in the way in frantic fights. Range, Handling and Stability are all just below average, offering a bit of balance to the high damage weapon.

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The variety of perks that can be used with the shotgun comes down to what you’re looking to do with it. For PvP you have the options of perks like Slideshot and Quickdraw to increase your rate of fire and overall damage. These are essential in the fast-paced action. Rifled Barrel or Full Choke can be used in PvE for extra range as an option. The only downside is that you will need to put the time in to farm for the right rolls.

All of these elements combined make the Mindbender’s Ambition in Destiny 2 a rather powerful, but tough to obtain, shotgun. Soif you’re looking to undertake the grind, you need to start early and fast.

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