Does Minecraft Dungeons have split screen?

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Minecraft Dungeons is out now on PC and modern consoles, and fans seem pretty excited. There are tons of ways to take on this new ARPG, especially if you want to game with friends. The game features an online multiplayer function and local co-op. This will allow gamers to get together either on their couches or via the internet to go adventuring.

That does leave one question in the air though. Does Minecraft Dungeons have split-screen? The simple answer is not really, but there are some restrictions. So if you’re playing locally with a friend, there are some restrictions on what you can do. Going around the game world, the players playing together are tethered together. So if you move away from your partner, the game will teleport you back into place.

You won’t have a split-screen, but you will have to share the screen as you progress through the game. You can automatically teleport to an ally as well, provided you’re in an online game. Local co-op does not have this function. And speaking of online play, you won’t have to share screens in this mode. Although there’s no real reason to venture away as you’re going to need to stick together to survive.

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And no, you cannot jump from one mode to the other. There’s no mixing of online multiplayer and local co-op in Minecraft Dungeons. There may be a future update that allows local pairs to team up with others online. Mojang has not said when a combined mode is coming, so keep an eye out for that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the number of players in a game will scale with the difficulty of the enemies. So the more people in a game, the harder the enemies and mobs become. This further incentivizes sticking together so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

But if you want to complete some achievements in the game, you may want some help.

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