How To Buy & Sell Land in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Sim 22

When you first begin your journey within Farming Simulator 22, you’re going to be met with a lot of options.  There will be a few options you can pick from when making your initial save—with the first being easy mode. The middle option will start you on a blank map with a bit more cash, but you have no plots of equipment to call your own. The goal with this mode is to take on contracts to earn enough cash using borrowed equipment, then buy your own plot and farming gear.

Also, if you have mods or DLC to install, now is the time to turn that on. Once you load in, you will notice that you have a ton of options. And when you open the map, assuming you didn’t pick the easy start, you will own no land.  When you’re ready to actually buy your first farming plot, it’s very simple to do so. In this guide, we will walk you through how to buy and sell land in FS22. Keep reading to learn how to buy and sell land in Farming Simulator 22.

Buying land will be easy to figure out once you take a look at the screen in front of you. Start by hitting ESC on your keyboard to bring up the in-game menu. Press the X button when on the map screen to toggle land buying mode. You will then be able to pick and choose what plots you want to buy. The plots you buy will turn blue to mark them as owned. Areas highlighted in brown indicate that you can purchase them. Anything outside of these areas cannot be bought by the player by default. There are custom maps and mods that can change this though, so keep that in mind if you want to play that kind of game.

You could also use the menu at the bottom of this page. Use Q and E to scroll through the various menu options, then get to the bottom. There will be an option for Farmland in the final section that does the same things as the map.

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How to Sell Land in FS22

The process to sell land is very similar to buying land. You just need to open the map screen and press the right key. To sell land in Farming Simulator 2, all you need to do is press the backspace button on the existing piece of land that you wish to sell. When you sell land its value can change, so keep that in mind. Any improvements on the land, such as buildings you placed, will be lost. Also, if you have crops or trees growing on a plot and you sell it, you will lose access to those items.

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