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EVE Online Spin-Off Project Nova is getting an alpha test

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With the beginning of EVE Vegas 2018 this weekend, CCP has unleashed a bunch of new announcements about their flagship products. To that end, we’ve got news about the new FPS module being created as an addendum to EVE Online. Project Nova, the spin-off game for EVE Online, will enter an invite-only alpha test this November.

CCP Games and Sumo Digital are looking to deliver a high-end and hardcore experience, befitting of the legacy started by the likes of Dust 514. Fans have been clamoring for something new within the EVE purview, this is it.

In terms of gameplay, Project Nova features both PvE and PvP content as part of it’s core gameplay loop. Players are put in control of Warclones as they fight for various factions throughout a variety of battlefields. From planetary battles over vital resources, to boarding enemy starships and taking them out from the inside, Project Nova has a rich array of conflict for FPS fans to enjoy. There will also be a full story mode for those that prefer a singleplayer option. That story follows a conflict between CONCORD and Sansha’s Nation forces.

CCP has released the following official description of the story:

Players take on the role of a Warclone, elite clone soldiers carving their own path to redemption against Sansha’s Nation, a totalitarian rogue state built upon brainwashed slave labor and controlled by loyal ‘True Guardians’, a cybernetically-enhanced elite. You have been called to action by AEGIS, the Concord division specializing in defense against external threats. Amid furious boots-on-the-ground battles, the clash of space warfare will roar overhead as players seek to dismantle their operations and prevent the enslavement of their fellow free-willed soldiers by Sansha’s Nation.

Players will face Sansha’s Nation across a multiple-act narrative that utilizes unpredictable procedural objectives and adaptive enemy AI to craft an always-engaging experience. The thrilling moment-to-moment squad-based FPS gameplay enables players to place installments and automated defenses, adding a layer of strategy in the way they engage with enemy forces on a modifiable battlefield. Players choose from a multitude and ever expanding arsenal of weapons that grow as they progress, unlocking new weapon modifications as they gain proficiency in their chosen arms.

Project Nova, being the spiritual successor to the PS3’s Dust 514, is looking to to deliver on a much more intense and engaging FPS in the EVE Online universe. And players will get their first tease of that experience when the game enters a closed alpha test in the future.

To sign up for the upcoming alpha, hit up the registration page. You can also look below to check out the teaser trailer released by CCP earlier today.

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