Does Age of Empires IV have crossplay?

Age of Empires IV has debuted on PC and consoles this week. There’s a lot to learn about this game. Players have questions about revamped mechanics like Relics and Trading. There’s also a very much improved Landmarks selection for each faction to learn. And we’re just scratching the surface. Now, the game has also come to Xbox consoles. Console players might be alone among their PC gamer friends. So that leaves a question. Is there cross-play on AoE 4?

According to the Age of Empires IV Steam page, cross-play should be a thing, as the tags indicate. But there remains a burning question. What platforms are supported? It seems as though it might be all of them. PC gamers can easily play together via Steam or Windows Store versions, that just leaves Xbox bros.

With the Day One launch of Age of Empires IV on Xbox, it also comes with Game Pass as well. That also has been extended to Xbox Game Pass for PC. What this means is that Age of Empires IV will be playable via cross-play on Xbox and PC. The RTS is out now on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows Store, and Steam.

If you’re playing on the Xbox version of Age of Empires, you can view all your friends playing the game through the Xbox Live tab. Just hit that center Xbox button on the controller and scroll over to see who is online. Anyone playing games will be listed there. Users on Steam can check their Steam Friends via the in-game overlay or Steam launcher.

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