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Stellaris: Console Edition Expansion Pass 2 Announced

Stellaris: Console Edition

Stellaris: Console Edition was a very surprising announcement when it dropped in 2019. Scaling the incredible 4X title onto the PS4 and Xbox One was a surprising accomplishment for Paradox. The game fits snuggly into the little box carved out for controller interfaces as well. Though the version is missing much of the content and mods that make the PC version amazing, extending its shelf-life far past 2016, it looks like Paradox is about to make things even better for Stellaris: Console Edition.

It has finally been announced that Stellaris: Console Edition will get a new batch of post-launch content as DLC from the PC version is ported to both the PS4 and Xbox One. The Stellaris: Console Edition expansion pass will include the Humanoid Species Pack, the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack, and the Apocalypse Expansion all as one bundle.

Synthetic Dawn adds the ability to create and control robotic empires of various kinds. The expansion adds new thematic and gameplay elements to create machine races that are either peaceful or warlike in their intent. Regardless of what kind of race you create though, Synthetic Dawn also includes other additions like new technologies and society upgrades.

The Apocalypse expansion is all about destruction. Aside from more new technologies and race creation options, the big new focus is on massive constructions. Players can build planet-cracking superweapons, massive research facilities and giant orbital defense platforms to give their empire a serious edge over the competition. It also adds the new Colossus-class ships, the biggest in the vanilla game so far.

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The Humanoid Species pack rounds out the bunch by introducing new race template options for players to choose from. The pack includes new portraits, voice-overs, and ship models to use for building custom races.

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