How to find the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper

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Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that has a rather cute style, and tons of fun buried underneath the adorable exterior. The dark and dangerous biomes you’re about to explore offer tons of fun, if you can survive. That’s not a guarantee, as the cutesy environs hide tons of danger. Murderous slimes and other beasts are just the beginning. You even need to wrangle with wild NPCs and other threats. But dealing with these threats doesn’t have to be that hard. You can equip yourself with some quite powerful gear to help survive.

Rune Song, the Legendary Blade in Core Keeper is one of several endgame goals that the player can accomplish. This exceptionally powerful weapon does tons of damage, but also boosts max health. It even has a healing effect that steals health per hit. And on top of all that, it has a 15% chance to kill any target with lower health than you. It’s great for clearing low-level mobs in the late game. But to assemble this ultra-strong weapon, you need some parts.

How to find the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper

The Chipped Blade is by far the hardest item to find when you’re trying to make the legendary sword in Core Keeper. You need to find a temple in Azeos’ Wilderness to get the Chipped Blade in Core Keeper. The door is inside a circular room that has grass all around it, and the door leads into a smaller room within. This grassy area has a special stone door within that’s hiding a big secret. The door is very similar to the markings found on the Core, hinting at some connection.

You can actually use Glow Tulips to open these doors. You need to have one in your quickbar, and then click on it. The wall you’re trying to get past will start glowing blue. Click on the wall and then the door will open. You will find various pedestals and boxes inside. The Chipped Blade in Core Keeper will be inside one of them.

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From there, you can try and find the other parts you need for Rune Song. Here are the items you need to assemble the full Legendary Sword:

  • Broken Handle
  • Chipped Blade
  • Clear Gemstone
  • 10 Ancient Gemstones
  • 50 Iron Bars
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