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Riposte Games launches Dungeon Stars into Early Access

Dungeon Stars Steam

Check out the trailer for an exciting new hack-and-slash action game from Riposte Games and Furnace Games, Dungeon Stars is headed to Early Access today.

The game features a stable of 15 heroes each with their own unique play style and abilities. And as one would think, the core gameplay loop of Dungeon Stars is all about chewing your way through hordes of enemies and powerful bosses on your quests for amazing loot. There are also hidden levels that contain a bunch of new bosses and other challenges.

For a blended 2D/3D game that’s fairly simple, Dungeon Stars is very engrossing. The visual effects are high-quality as well.

There’s a huge number of increasingly difficult dungeons to play through, and the stable of heroes makes for some interesting replayability. With 40+ dungeons, you could sink a lot of time into Dungeon Stars. The ability to change equipment and abilities with loot you’ve gained from your runs adds an additional layer of strategy that becomes much more difficult to ignore in later levels.

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It’s clear a lot of work went into Dungeon Stars, we’re anxious to get out hands on it so we can spend more time ripping monsters to pieces.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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