How to get a platinum album in BitLife

How to join a band in BitLife

There are many different careers you can undertake in BItLife. Candywriter’s mobile sim has a bunch of stuff to do. One of many careers you can take on is that of a singer. You don’t have to stick to one genre though, and you have many different potential choices. The goal with a musical career is to become a millionaire and sell millions of copies.

Getting a platinum album in BitLife is the peak of that goal. The idea is to get a single album that you release to sell over 1,000,000 copies. Your character’s album could even become Double Platinum by reaching 2,000,000 copies sold, or even Diamond if it reaches 10,000,000 copies. Those three levels all have their own in-game achievements.

How to get a platinum album in BitLife

To do any of this, you need to get a record deal signed. But first. you need to lay the groundwork. That means getting your skills up ASAP. Players will want to focus on their musical careers from the beginning of their digital life. When you start, take the music special talent when creating your character, this seems to help with the grind.

Practice an instrument and your voice starting at age six. Keep practicing at least three times every year. Doing this will maximize the amount of skill gain you get. Take Voice Lessons via the Activities menu when you first get to schooling. You can take these by going to the Mind & Body tab and scrolling down and clicking on Voice. Your parents will often pay for these lessons if you’re lucky. Keep practicing each time you age up to raise your vocal skill. At the same time, you want to keep your Looks up. Exercise and take on extra-curricular activities when you can. Looks and your Voice skill are key to getting a record deal.

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Age up a few times until you get around 10-12 years old. This is the first time you can try to get a record label. When you get into your teens, go to the Special Careers option via the Occupation menu. Choose Singer from the dropdown and apply for an audition. Sometimes you will get unlucky and won’t get a call back. Just keep getting better and trying again.

As long as you keep getting albums out, just not too many in a few years, you will start to make sales. Keep churning out music and taking voice lessons to improve your skills. Eventually, you will get a platinum album in BitLife.

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