How to emigrate to escape Justice in BitLife – Flee the Country Achievement

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Unlike some of the more bizarre achievements, like getting eaten by animals, the Flee the Country Achievement in BitLife is pretty easy to get. This is actually a very easy achievement to obtain. You just need to be able to flee the country, The first thing you want to do, though, is get some cash. You will need between $10,000 to $15,000 to pay for the emigration process. Once you have the money saved, you’re ready to begin your life of crime.

To get this achievement, you need to do a few things. Since the basis of the task is on fleeing justice, you first need to be a criminal. To get the Flee the Country Achievement, you first need to commit crimes worthy of going to prison. Rob a bank or something under the Crime menu and you should get caught eventually.

After you get caught, you then need to escape prison. Go into the Prison menu while you’re in jail and choose the escape option. This will kick off a mini-game where you have to avoid the guard and made it to the exit. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Just bait the guard into a wall or other obstacle and path around them.

Getting to another country is actually the hardest part. The Flee the Country Achievement only triggers when you are able to flee to another country than the one you’re now wanted in. Go into the Activities menu and select the Emigrate option on the new sub-menu. This will allow you to choose to try and get out of the current country you’re in, legally or illegally. Pick the country you want to head to, pay the fees, and boom! You’re now starting a new life.

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