How to Complete The Titanic Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete The Titanic Challenge in BitLife

The Titanic Challenge in BitLife is the new weekly challenge for CandyWriter’s hit mobile life sim. The goal here is to live out the horrifying days of the disaster, although not literally. To complete this challenge, you have to take a female character named Rose through life, and actually accomplish some quite interesting things. You will also be quite dependent on luck to do things like surviving a shipwreck. Here’s what you need to do to complete the Titanic Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete The Titanic Challenge in BitLife

To complete The Titanic Challenge in BitLife, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a female named Rose
  • Learn to swim
  • Cheat on a fiance
  • Become a nude art model
  • Survive a shipwreck
  • Throw away a 5ct+ diamond

Starting life as Rose

Making the character is easy, just start with a female character and name them Rose. The hard parts are what comes next.

You will need to do two very important steps during this first part. As you are aging up, focus on brain and body stats. Get good grades and get into a good university. This will help later.

Learn how to swim

During your time at school, starting in Middle School, you will also want to try and keep exercising. You need to join the Swim Club to learn how to swim the fastest. If you don’t you will not be able to complete the challenge in a timely manner as it’s dependent on RNG. If you’re having trouble, you will want to check out our guide on how to swim in BItLife. The basic idea is that it’s kind of random, and takes a bit of luck. You can learn how to swim in BitLife via a random happening.

Once you have graduated, it’s time to actually begin the challenge. You will need to first get a fiance. That means a lot of dating. Refer back to our Valentine’s Challenge guide for tips on speed dating. Basically, just date and pop the questions ASAP to speed up the process.

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To cheat once you’re engaged, head to the Activities section and go to Love. Select the option to Hook Up and then follow the on-screen prompts. There, it’s time to finish things out.

Now you need to become a nude model. Head into the Occupations tab and look under Careers until the Nude Art Model pops up. You only need to join and age up once, then quit the job. There this part of the challenge is done.

Shipwreck ahoy!

Having a good job after school is a good idea. That means you will have the money you need in the bank to get through the later steps. Spend some time in school and college and get a good job. Save that cash, you will need it later. This is because you need to get a boating license, as you need to survive a shipwreck.

The fastest way to get into a shipwreck after you’ve done everything else is to get on your boat and take it out for a spin. Repeat this until you have an accident. You do kind of have to get lucky and not have your character die during the process.

Once that’s done, you can then go out and buy a 5-carat diamond, that’s where the big money you saved comes in. Throw that away and you have completed the Titanic Challenge in BitLife.

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