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Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Road to the Black Sea DLC announced

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Road to the Black Sea

The latest expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2: Road to the Black Sea, has a release date. The new DLC pack will drop for PC on December 5th. Euro Truck Simulator 2  has exploded in terms of content, both with DLC and mods, over the years since its launch. SCS Software has been pushing out tons of new content, and this newest DLC pushes more of the content that hardcore fans of the trucking sim love.

Drivers will have 20 new cities to explore, further world building is accomplished through the addition of smaller villages too. All of these locales are dotted with a variety of Balkan architecture and landmarks, with lots to explore on long road trips. And you will have plenty of trips to make as 11 new companies have been added in the DLC. The game has grown a lot since its launch in 2013, and now it’s about to expand again in a big way.

Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian locales will be populated, across an area of more than 10,000 kilometers. And along all the road routes you will be pushing logistics for various companies. All the typical raw resources, produce and finished goods will need to be trucked around. Players will also have to contend with civilian traffic and other means of transit. Bridges, ferries, trams and a whole bunch of other methods of transport populate the European road networks.

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Check out the trailer for Euro Truck Simulator 2: Road to the Black Sea down below.

If you want to grab the game, now is a great time, as the base game is currently sitting at $4.99 (75% off) as part of the Steam Autumn Sale.

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