Where to find and use VHS tapes in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

There are many little things you need to do to survive in Project Zomboid. There are many skills to level, and gear to find; there are tons to build as well. Players can learn to build bases with carpentry, or to make complex electronics. The recent Build 41 launch added a bunch of stuff as well. In addition to the multiplayer, there are also new items to find.

The VHS tapes in Project Zomboid take one of two forms. The Home VHS variety are basic recordings. “Home VHSes” spawn uniquely (once per VHS title) and feature a variety of pre-apocalyptic scenarios such as birthday parties, weddings, sports recordings, and general lore. These only reduce character boredom.

What are VHS Tapes in Project Zomboid?

The other set of VHS tapes are basically skill books. These tapes can grant XP for the related skills. You can only find them in certain locations. Take them and watch them to get better at certain skills. They’re meant to be taken back to a base with power to use. You can get a fair amount of skill XP with them, as low-level players can get 2-3 levels easily.

Tape Name Skill
The Cook Show EP 1-7  Cooking
Woodcraft EP 1-7 Carpentry
OSCC ’92 Mechanics
Stock cars Mechanics
Carzone EP 1-3 Mechanics
 Exposure Survival EP 1-2 Fishing
 Exposure Survival EP 3 Farming
 Exposure Survival EP 4 Carpentry
Exposure Survival EP 5 Carpentry and Foraging
Exposure Survival EP 6 Trapping
Exposure Survival EP 7 Foraging
Exposure Survival EP 8 Carpentry
Granny Nani Tailoring
nof vid Metalworking
 Combat Wound Management First Aid
TV repair Electrical
 Muldraugh AV Club Electrical
RMFA First Aid
no 9 Metalworking
Tailoring 101 Tailoring

Where to find VHS tapes in Project Zomboid

Now that you know what you’re looking for, you need to know where to look. Here are the locations you need to look to find them. They will spawn randomly around town. And your in-game loot settings can affect their spawns, so keep that in mind. Look at the following locations to find VHS tapes:

  • Fossoil
  • Gift Store
  • Storage Unit
  • VHS Store
  • Can also be found in the glove box and on seats of vehicles
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VHS stores can often be found in Muldraugh, and Riverside, so head there if you can. Other than that, you can often find them in random loot drops in various locations. You want to look inside desks, storages shelves, cabinets and pretty much anything else you can when clearing homes as well. There can be a small chance for VHS tapes to appear in residential homes. Checking the furniture nearest a TV works pretty well for this.

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