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EVE: Valkyrie Gameplay Trailer from Fanfest 2015

EVE Valkyrie Gameplay

Recently announced at Fanfest this year check out the below Gameplay trailer for EVE: Valkyrie below. I for one think it look’s amazing!

At Fanfest 2015, CCP has just shown a new gameplay trailer for EVE: Valkyrie. The trailer is a recording of a player going through an early tutorial mission, including the player’s head movements and the tracking of hostile ships.

The player is seen launching from a carrier in a fighter drone and then following the story’s main character, Raan, as she flies an escort mission for the Gallente Navy. At one point, the player flies a bit far away from Raan and she can be heard chastising the player: “Where are you going, pilot?” The escort mission quickly goes wrong as it is assaulted by the Amarr. After some dogfighting, an Avatar titan jumps in and fires its doomsday at the Gallente Navy’s Erebus, causing it to explode and subsequently killing Raan and the player’s character.

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