How to be in a marriage for 50 years in BitLife

How to complete the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife

We’re back again this week with another weekly BitLife challenge. Developer CandyWriter loves fiction crossovers, holiday events and other festivities with these events. So, why not throw one into the mix for Valentine’s Day. The previous challenges were very off the wall, with references to various iconic superheroes and films.

This new challenge is all about love, and it’s a doozy. One of the majorly difficult elements is to maintain the same marriage for 50 years in BitLife for the Valentine’s Challenge. This is not an easy task, and will take a lot of effort, so strap in. Here are some tips to help.

First thing though, you need to get married. You can use the Dating options for Date, Dating App and LGBTQ Dating App in the Activities menu if you want to speed this up. Which one you pick will depend on the character you’re playing. Also, you can try making a relationship with friends by asking them out, although they might reject you.

Once you date someone long enough, you will have the option to make them a partner. Take things pretty quick with this challenge, as you have 50 years ahead of you. Once you have spent a couple of years together as a couple, you can propose. Get through the wedding planning and begin your life together.

How to be in a marriage for 50 years in BitLife

The general idea is to keep that Relationship meter full. You want the meter for your spouse to stay green for as long as possible.  Building relationships is key. Both with friends and your spouse, you want to spend time with them. Taking them out on dates is great, buying them gifts can help as a rare treat.

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Be careful though, as they can get upset if you spend too much money or do things they don’t like. Obviously, don’t cheat on them or date around, you’ll never make it in the marriage for 50 years in BitLife with that attitude.

The key is not to make your spouse too angry. Sometimes if you do things wrong, they will get mad at you. if you spend money too recklessly—or do crazy things—your spouse might get very upset. You will usually get an event when this happens. Read the event to figure out what you did wrong. For example, I had a spouse get mad in one playthrough because I bought a bunch of expensive houses. Another got mad because I bought 13 cats. If you want it to last, make sure you put time into the marriage. Check your spouse’s relationship meter in the Relationships tab. You will want it to remain as full as possible.

Renewing vows is also part of the challenge, so make sure to do that at some point over the years. This is also a good way to improve a souring relationship if you’re having problems keeping your partner happy.

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