How to have perfect relationships in BitLife

How to have perfect relationships in BitLife

The newest BitLife challenge, the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge, has arrived! This week, players of the popular mobile game will be able to get your freak on and become a true mad scientist. The challenge sees players both becoming a brilliant scientist and a murderous lunatic. the challenge tasks you with having over ten perfect relationships and committing three murders. You must also become a chemical engineer.

Ther is also a big part of challenge to make perfect relationships in BitLife. You need to have 10 or more of these during the course of the challenge. This takes some work. Use this guide to learn what to do. Here’s how to have 10 or more perfect relationships in BitLife.

How to have perfect relationships in BitLife

This part of the challenge is a bit annoying. This is going to be tough, but not impossible. To do this, you need to become friends with 10 or more people, then have their relationship meeter increase over time, until it reaches the full level. The meter will turn green and fill up when maxed out. You need to spend time during your digital life gaining friends. To find the NPCs you need to interact with, you will usually need to find them under the Relationship Tab or Co-Workers Tab.

Go into these tabs and talk with each person you work with, some of them will become your friends, and others won’t want that. From there, you can also get some during school. Choose the NPCs from your school menu and speak to them to become friends. Once you have 10 people or more listed as friends in your Relationships tab, it’s all about maintaining them.

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When you select an NPC in the Relationships tab, you have a few options to pick from. Here are the options you have. Each one will give you an outcome, the higher the enjoyment, the more the relationship meter will fill:

  • Compliment
  • Concert
  • Conversation
  • Gift
  • Movie Theater
  • Party
  • Spend Time
  • Watch YouTube

At the bottom of the Relationships menu, there’s also an option to spend time with everyone in your orbit at once, use that once per year. It’s a good idea to have more than 10 relationships that you try to do this with, that way you can overcome any decay that happens naturally. Keep 10 or more perfectly filled meters to wrap this all up.

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