Guide to Fading Star’s Might in Genshin Impact

How to get Fading Star’s Might in Genshin Impact

Fading Star’s Might is a type of currency used for the event shop during the Unreconciled Stars Event. The event stars three different phases, with players having to complete each one in sequence. That’s the gist of the Unreconciled Stars event. By completing these three quests, you can unlock Fischi for free, a four-star rarity character.

There are also various event-exclusive items that can be earned via the in-game shop. You will need to use certain unique currencies to buy these items though. You can use two unique types of currency in two shops: Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s Essence. Hee’s a guide on how to get Fading Star’s Might in Genshin Impact.

How to get Fading Star’s Might in Genshin Impact

You can get Fading Star’s Might in Genshin Impact by completing any number of event missions. Every mission you complete revolves around collecting Meteorite Shards. There are around 50 during each day of the event and you can collect as many as you can get your hands on. Each daily tally will determine what rewards you can afford.

Here’s how to track what quests are up each day and see what rewards you can claim. Open up your Events Overview tab by tapping on the compass found in the top right section of the HUD. From there elect Unreconciled Stars and head into the Event Details section. Select Unknown Stars to see what quests are currently active.

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The Meteorite Shards will spawn all over the map and in a total of six different zones. There are a few in each zone, and you need to collect most of them to complete the quests that are up each day. Some will reward Fading Star’s Might.

There are also Meteoric Wave quests on the Event Details page too, check those. These quests completed will reward you with Fading Star’s Might as well. These are much simpler as they are often simple kill or fetch quests.

How to use Fading Star’s Might

When you finally have some Fading Star’s Might, it’s time to spend it. Head over to the Event Shop and see what items can be bought. You can use it to buy currency like Mora. It can also be used to purchase Hero’s Wit, and Adventurer’s Experience, among other items. It’s usually a good idea to focus on buying character Ascension materials when they become available.

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