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Potential N3 Invasion?


Various N3 entities have deployed to Delve and the surrounding regions of Fountain.  Darkness and Kadeshi have deployed to ZXB-VC while NC, and BL have deployed to Hophib.  All three of these entities have allegedly set one another blue.Attempts to take systems from the CFC in Fountain in recent months have fizzled out.  With nothing more than a few systems changing hands after the Phoebe shakeup, it seems an all but forgone conclusion that N3 and CFC are destined to take a beating in June when the sov system changes.

Lets look at the state of null sec from a more macroscopic perspective to see if this is a good idea.  As it stands now supers and cap blobs are the ultimate escalation tactic when it comes to taking sov, but that is surely going to change come June.  With the coming prevalence of some form of hybridized small gangs and roaming capital reinforcement fleets, it seems more than likely that taking sov now would only make it harder to hold after the changes.  It could also be said that trying to catch the enemy off guard and giving yourself some lead time after taking the system to build up defensive infrastructure might be a good call.

The fact of the matter remains that this deployment will no doubt put the CFC on edge.  Now whether they fall into the trap of resting on their laurels and not taking N3/allies seriously is another matter.  Even the history of failed assaults on Fountain.

One must also consider that in all likelihood,  the economics of null for alliances will change in phase three of “Fozziesov”.  How and to what degree remains to be seen.  It is extremely clear that there is little impetus to take and hold new systems when the economics of null are often considered broken.  Many major players in null are pushing CCP to find some way to buff null sec.  Be it by changing the sov index system to be more inclusive, adding more ways to buff certain systems or activities through ihub upgrades, whatever.
It remains to be seen exactly what if anything will come of this “invasion”.



The CFC has responded to the invasions plans, and is beginning to move assets into position for defensive actions.  There are also whispers of an organization that TOTALLY DOESN’T EXIST moving around within NA space and harassing the N3 renters.


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