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New Gundam Breaker is coming to PC

While a PC version of the game has yet to be confirmed, a ResetEra member noticed that The Brazil Advisory Rating Board had listed New Gundam Breaker as available on PC, along with the PlayStation 4 version already confirmed by publisher Bandai Namco.

I know what you’re thinking; advisory Boards aren’t always right, and it’s possible this is just a mistake. But given Bandai Namco Europe recently circulated a newsletter with a PC logo included, it seems a lot more likely that these rumors are true.

New Gundam Breaker is the next game in the newest in the “Gunpla” or Gundam plastic series of games where players build and battle Gundam models in a highly customizable action experience. Previously exclusive to PS4, it could be coming to PC too.

If you need some more New Gundam Breaker action, check out our previous coverage of Gundam Breaker, or check out the trailer below.

Watch the very first gameplay from New Gundam Breaker! Build your own Gunpla Mobile Suit Armor and team up with your up to 2 friends to take down other Gunpla enemies and huge bosses.

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