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Halo 4 PC launch trailer preps for battle

Halo Infinite only supports 2-player split-screen

Halo 4 PC is something that a lot of shooter fans have been waiting for. The path there is the same that many other entries in the franchise have taken, The Master Chief Collection. The various other games in the franchise have already made the leap to PC via the MCC, now it’s time for one more fighter to enter the fray.

The new version will also include the UNSC Infinity co-op content, as well as the main story from the game. 25 multiplayer maps and an updated armor customization system will also be included.

Along with the Halo 4 port, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will get an update that optimizes performance for the new Xbox Series X|S. Expect some pretty impressive visuals and upscaling to deliver stellar framerates compared to the original versions. You can even adjust the FOV now too.

The PC version of the game supports 4K UHD and will run at 60 FPS or higher depending on settings. 120 FPS in Campaign and Multiplayer on both Xbox Series X and Series S will be a thing of beauty, and fully supported. There’s a lot of FPS fun to be had, so get moving when it comes out and finish the fight.

You can purchase the port of Halo 4 PC on Steam individually for $9.99, or you can opt for the full MCC for $39.99.

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