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Rocket League finally launches Rocket Pass update September 5

Rocket League Ultimate Edition

The massive, and it is massive at 2.8 GB, pre-Rocket Pass update that overhauls gameplay and progression in the team battle racing game Rocket League.

Since Rocket League debuted in 2015, it has enjoyed consistent popularity and content updates. The latest update continues that trend with the 1.5 update. And with the game having a new Ultimate Edition with lots of new content, and a new system for cross-platform play, Rocket League has a lot more gas left in the tank.

There’s also a bunch of new achievements, most of which seem to be tied to the new club features.

  • ‘Join the Club!’
  • ‘Together is Better’
  • ‘New Challenger’
  • ‘People Person’
  • ‘Squad Goals’
  • ‘Best of the Bunch’

Speaking of Clubs, this is the revamped system for groups of players to play together. There’s a lot of depth here for both hardcore and casual players. Clubs allow players to coordinate both normal and “Club” matches. Club matches work similarly to normal games, but the arena and team colors are themed to the Clubs involved.

Another big part of that appeal is the completely redesigned progression system. Here’s the quick overview of how the new progression system in Rocket League works.

  • The level cap of 75  (Rocketeer) has been removed. Players can now continue to level up past it and unlock new titles every 100 levels and items.
  • XP is now a function of match length, not score earned
  • Items are no longer rewarded randomly and are now rewarded for each level-up
  • Private or offline matches no longer award XP
  • Awards XP for MVP in single matches
  • Awards XP for playing in consecutive matches
  • Awards XP if you’re forced to join a game-in-progress and you stick around to finish it
  • Awards Weekly Win bonuses (2 per day, 14 per week)
  • Forfeiting counts as a completed match
  • Aerial Hits, Bicycle Hits, Juggles, and First Touch no longer award score
  • Flat XP requirements for each level, no scaling through levels making higher levels harder
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