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Grinding Gear Games adds Lord’s Labyrinth Game Book to Supporter Packs

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Supporter Packs have long been a way for Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games to generate cash and hype at the launch of each of the new expansions. And since these drop every three months, there tends to be a lot of excitement around these bundles. Usually, the combinations involved in these Packs is a  group of Points to spend in the cash shop, as well as a small hoard of unique cosmetic items like weapon and armor effects. Players really like these offers a lot, so much so that

The more expensive variants of these packs, costing hundreds of US Dollars, will include extra bonuses that reward support for the game in unique ways. There’s t-shirts, keychains, soundtracks and sometimes signed schwag thrown in. Of course interested players can also swap all these physical goods for more cash shop Points, generating more profit for the developer.

But starting soon, these bundles are about to change. Starting soon, the developer will begin releasing their first game book as part of an addition to future Supporter Packs. These books will be sold in the future, although plans haven’t been announced as to when.

If you’re curious what a game book is, think of it like Dungeons & Dragons in book form. A simplified set of RPG rules governs a “choose your own adventure” story structure that attempts to immerse the player in the world and setting the author has created. The book is called The Lord’s Labyrinth and might well be the first in a series of such books.

here’s how Natalia from GGG describes it:

The Lord’s Labyrinth is a ‘choose your own path’ type of book. You are Weylin of Ezomyr, an Ezomyte slave. Captured as a child and raised as a gladiator, you will be offered the chance to undergo the trials of the mad Emperor Izaro and his Lord’s Labyrinth. As Weylin, it is up to you to decide how the story will play out. Every choice is yours and yours alone. Some will lead to death, some to glory, and all will traverse the darkest paths of Wraeclast’s accursed past.

The game book is written by Chris Kluwe a name some of you might know. The outspoken gaming icon used to play for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, before devoting his passion to gaming. He’s pretty well known in the POE community for his knowledge of the ARPG, he is even the backer who created the Poet’s Pen unique item, drawing upon his own inspiration as a writer and lover of all things nerd.

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Kluwe is also a very vocal activist and has been for a long time. On January 2, 2014, Kluwe alleged that he was released from the Vikings due to his support of same-sex marriage. The contentious nature of the allegations, as well as his outspoken opinions over the years, have earned him quite a few critics. I for one would love to see GGG partner with more creators to show support for their efforts, especially if it leads to more stuff for Path of Exile players.

Source: POE Site

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