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Battlefield V Gets Its Battle Royale Mode In March 2019

Battlefield V

EA has announced the release date for the Battle Royale mode in the upcoming epic that is Battlefield V. EA DICE has also detailed the post-launch roadmap for its WWII shooter.

EA had previously revealed the Battlefield V battle royale mode back in September. The trailer at the time showcased the 64-player orgy of violence as part of a massive three-phase update plan split into distinct chapters. These chapters are part of the overall “live services” strategy EA is taking with this game to allow for a longer-term support plan.

These chapters are all part of a larger Tides of War pack, and each one has it’s own focus on multiplayer and singleplayer content.

Battlefield V post-launch roadmap

Chapter One is titled Overture and will launch in “early December” and run through January. That chapter is mostly all about Tanks with a new Panzerstorm map being added to the game. A variety of game modes, including the singleplayer War Stories, will pull content from this update, adding more depth to Battlefield V.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes will run from January through to March. The focus in this update is on small-scale team conflict with Combined Arms missions and related content. These missions put you into a four-player squad as you carry out Battlefield V‘s Combat Strike missions.

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Chapter 3: Trial By Fire, the last of these updates, begins in March 2019. The Firestorm Battle Royale mode is added in this patch. Missions and other content in this update will focus on conflicts in Greece, with new vehicles and weapons to be included.

Battlefield V releases November 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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