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PlayStation Now adds Persona 5, Hollow Knight, and Shadow of War

Playstation Now November 2019 New Games

Sony has some good news for console gaming fiends ahead of the holiday season. That’s because three more great games are coming to PlayStation Now in November 2019. As announced earlier today, these three new video games will join the hundreds already featured on the service as part of the ever-expanding library of Playstation classics and new AAA titles that have caught millions of gamer’s attention spans.

We will lead this batch of new games with Hollow Knight from indie darling Team Cherry. This fast-moving action title won many hearts thanks to its unique charm and visual style. The combination of platforming is further enriched by a whole host of different ideas and mechanics. Not content to just be a standard metroidvania, players have so much more choice. Exploration is rewarded with a ton of replay value, deep and rich lore, and a ton of amazing music and art design.

The next game being added to the on-demand service is the rather entertaining, but still controversial, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The follow-up to Shadow of Mordor, it was beset by problems almost as soon as it was announced, given that there had been a major push to make the game into what most gamers would call a living nightmare, and not in a fun orky way. In essence, this meant that all progression would be locked into loot boxes as you had to either grind or buy loot chests to unlock orcs to fill out your army. The game had lots going for it compared to the original with massive improvements to the scope of the project, as well as much more fleshed-out Nemesis system. After much fan backlash, the loot boxes were patched out, and now the game can mostly be enjoyed without that disgusting taint.

Persona 5 is the latest mainline game in the strange and often disparate Persona series.  Stretching all the way back to the PS2 with a spinoff from Atlus’ Megami Tensei franchise. The first game, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, kicked off a wave of unique JRPG hype by blending a strangely compelling style of battles with a rich story built around the daily lives of various teenagers. It might sound mundane, but I assure you, this franchise is anything but. Persona 5 refined the formula by adding in new gameplay elements and more mysterious characters.

These new additions push the total number of games on the Playstation Now service to over 800. For just $10 a month, Sony grants PS4 owners the chance to play all of these games simply by downloading them to your console. It’s a great deal for any gamer on a budget.

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