Remnant From the Ashes: How to Get the Butcher’s Flail

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There has been a rather sizeable update for Remnant From the Ashes released this week with the Swamps of Corsus. The update includes the much more challenging Survival Mode, as well as some new content in the Adventure Mode involving the Swamps themselves. Players will take on many new and disgusting enemies, but at least we have some new and powerful weapons to help out. Other items like the new Iskal Hunter Band are also pretty good.

The Butcher’s Flail is one of these new weapons which has quite the punch. The sinister-looking melee weapon has a rather damaging 55% chance of applying the Corroded effect reducing the enemy’s defense by 15% for 10 seconds. Charged attacks with this weapon cause the Corroded effect every time, making the new melee weapon good at melting armored enemies.

To get the Butcher’s Flail in Remnant From the Ashes, you need to perform the unique alternate kill on the boss called the Unclean One. Figure out how to do that by reading the guide below.

How to Get the Butcher’s Flail

When doing runs in the Corsus Swamps in Adventure Mode, players will encounter various randomized map layouts. Some areas will spawn and some won’t. For example, the Hall of Whispers for farming the Hardened Carapace armor set is one of these potential spawns. To get the alternate kill on the Unclean One, you first need to have him spawn in the optional Shack Dungeon.

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You will know the Shack spawns when you see the stone archway, if you played the game before there used to be a fog gate here that would block your progress. The new update has removed that and expanded the Shack. To get the alternate kill, start before the archway and begin crouch-walking. Stealth is key here, keep crouch-walking the whole time.

The back portion of this area has a new staircase leading down into a newly added basement. Head down these stairs and look for a stone pot with a slid-off lid on the right-hand side. Interact with this pot while still crouched and a prompt should appear to allow you to jump inside. Wait in the pot for a few seconds and the screen will fade to black. Upon fading in you will see the Unclean One come out eventually. Press the prompt on-screen to begin the fight. Complete the boss fight as normal to receive the Hammerhead’s Ore, this is the key component in the new weapon.

Head back to Ward 13 once you have the items in your possession, you can then turn in the Hammerhead’s Ore over to the Boss Items NPC. She will reward you the Butcher’s Flail in return.

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