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Check out Graveyard Keeper’s launch trailer

Graveyard keeper

Graveyard Keeper is the latest game from Lazy Bear Games. The management sim blends a grindy upgrades system with the theme of managing a dark and dreary cemetery. And the game wouldn’t be complete without plenty of dark humor and player choices. And it’s got that in spades.

While you struggle to manage the day-to-day operations of your graveyard, you’ll need to unlock tons of new items and workshops with which to craft said items as well. And some of the upgrade materials are pretty dark, as you’ll be doing things like carrying out ritualistic executions and sacrifices to get them.

With a deep crafting system, you’ll be creating dozens of items to deal with the various challenges that come your way. From wooden crosses to grave markers, you’ll be lost in a maze of upgrade paths from the outset, much like the souls of the dead are trapped in the labyrinth of the afterlife. And since the game isn’t shy about overwhelming you with a deluge of fresh corpses to deal with, it will also overwhelm you with the information and grinding gameplay needed to progress. All the while, you’ll be managing the constant influx of newly deceased folks by any means necessary. And this includes having to toss corpses into nearby waterways when you run out of fresh plots. All in all, Graveyard Keeper is sure to find an audience with it’s macabre atmosphere and unorthodox approach to dealing with its core mechanics.

Check out the launch trailer for Graveyard Keeper down below. Graveyard Keeper is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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