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grab some KOTOR-inspired items in Star Wars: The Old Republic


With the re-release of KOTOR today on the Xbox One, BioWare are going all out to try and entice players to take part in SWTOR as well.

The MMORPG’s new promotion, which is giving away the first two expansions (Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan) and a KOTOR-inspired speeder for all players. So there’s something fun even if you already have the expansions.

BioWare is also opening direct sales for SWTOR stuff inspired by KOTOR, including Darth Malak’s outfit, the Revan’s Heir title, an Ebon Hawk model for your personal stronghold, and a pack of multiple armors. So why not celebrate a new group of people playing an old game by dressing up like the characters?

Using the codes: KOTORSPEEDER and REVANRETURNS will get you access on your SWTOR accounts to a KOTOR-themed ride and the first two expansions respectively. Go here to redeem your codes.

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