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What is the release date of Game Dev Tycoon for Nintendo Switch?

What is the release date of Game Dev Tycoon for Nintendo Switch?

Game Dev Tycoon features a single game developer taking on the industry from humble beginnings in the 1980’s all the way to creating a AAA studio deploying both its own games and consoles. It’s a very simple premise, but it’s loaded with tons of fun. The Switch console is pretty fitting for such a simple game, so it’s nice to see Greenheart Games getting in on the portable fun.

As you build out your overall library of games you also research new features and improve a bunch of details. You work your way up from simple text-based games on basic PCS, all the way to complex 3D AAA titles on the newest consoles decades later. The gameplay loop is strangely addictive, and is a great fit for a portable console.

The game has been out on PC and mobile devices for some time, but this is the first time it has come to a gaming console of any kind. Nintendo has been doing a wonderful job of getting indie titles such as this on the Switch.

Game Dev Tycoon for Nintendo Switch has been specially designed to support both controllers and the Switch’s touchscreen capabilities, meaning it will be perfectly easy to control on the platform.

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One cool thing is that the game has cross-save compatibility. You can port your saves over from other platforms to the Switch if you wish.

Check out the trailer announcing the Switch port down below. The developer has announced that Game Dev Tycoon for Nintendo Switch will release on October 8th, 2020

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