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Spintires’ newest expansion heads to Chernobyl

Spintires’ newest expansion heads to Chernobyl

The new expansion takes players on a new journey, and you better have a bold streak for this one. Spintires is a game all about trekking through one of the most infamous sites on the globe. The now well-known meltdown of reactor #4 at the Chernobyl nuclear complex is still radioactive to this day. And since the exclusion zone around the site is still considered a dangerous area due to the lingering radiation, the whole thing has kind of turned into an ironic tourist trap.

The worst nuclear accident in human history is a rather chilling tale about recklessness, and the story itself has slowly morphed from humanist catastrophe into a modern meta-commentary on the state of politics and the way humans live our lives. At any moment, the time capsule that Chernobyl and Pripyat have become stands to show the insidious dangers of radiation and so much more.  So getting to see through a new lens is always an eerie treat.

Both for the sake of scientific curiosity, and just general interest, many people have traveled to the exclusion zone since the 1986 disaster. And with this new expansion content, Spintires is giving players a new way to experience the iconic location. And Top Gear this ain’t, because you’re actually meant to make it all the way through and not get stranded on the way there.

Spintires is a game all about one thing, finding your way through various remote landscapes using all manner of all-terrain-vehicles. From massive multi-axle trucks to four-wheeled SUVs, there’s plenty of ways to slog your way through mud and dense brush while feeling like the most adventurous of explorers in modern times. With the gameplay though, it’s much more than just driving around. Players can undertake missions to haul cargo and collect lost vehicles using the tools available to them, it’s all pretty fun.  But in Chernobyl, you will need to take some precautions if you want to have some of that fun.

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Spintires: Chernobyl will be available on December 13. In the Chernobyl expansion, players will have access to two new logging vehicles: the B-157 and B-505. Players will be able to add these vehicles to the fleet of vehicles that they can use. The vehicles you take into the field will be equipped with a Geiger-counter, just to give you some of that terrifying clicking sound we all associate with radiation now.

A wide variety of locales will be accessible. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the city of Pripyat, Red Forest, Kupsta Lake, and the Duga Radar will all be in Spintires: Chernobyl. So if you want to see what they look like through a layer of mud and grime, now’s your chance. You can see this new content in the trailer down below.

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