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Project xCloud adding PC gaming support soon

Project xCloud Beta Begins

Project xCloud could be pushing a new update to its public beta that could allow players to stream the PC games already in their library across Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The setup already allows mobile devices to stream games, but it looks like Microsoft is pushing for more support in the PC space. As of now, the mobile tests of Project xCloud support a few dozen games, but the features are pretty barebones.

The cloud-based service has been undergoing public tests on mobile devices for a while, offering cloud-based gaming at 720p for a certain selection of games. Although now, it looks like Microsoft is looking to add some more punching power to Project xCloud as they push out some new and expanded features. The biggest stumbling block for xCloud compared to its major competitors in Stadia and GeForce Now has been a lack of major support for PC gaming with existing libraries.

The new reports come from industry insider Brad Sams on YouTube, as he discusses the future of streaming software for the next generation of games. Check out his new video down below. The future certainly appears to be a software-focused push for gaming with Microsoft. Microsoft already offers Game Pass Ultimate and plenty of other options. And since the company is offering Project xCloud as an addon to Game Pass, the future could be very interesting.

GeForce Now offers full support for your Steam, Epic Games Store, uPlay, and Origin libraries, allowing PC gamers to access the majority of their games through the cloud. This ease of access has led to NVIDIA pulling in more than 1 million customers over the last few months, a very high mark for a newer service. It certainly pushed Stadia further down the list of viable options.

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This setup has had some issues though, as AAA developers like Blizzard has had their games pulled from the GeForce Now service, over a desire to retain control over their own games via services like Battle.Net. Bethesda has also asked that their titles be pulled from NVIDIA’s offering. This may impact the future of game streaming services overall, but that remains to be seen.

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