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SWTOR: Patch 5.4 – Umbara Stronghold, Ranked PvP Rewards


With the first pass of balance changes completed in SWTOR 5.3, BioWare is looking to the future. Update 5.4 will kick off with a completely new flashpoint called Crisis on Umbara. With three difficulty levels (including master), players will need to bring their A-game (and A-gear) to whip this instance. If players beat the flashpoint a few times, they can gain access to the Umbara stronghold, which is held on a moving train.

The Umbara Flashpoint will continue the Iokath storyline with three different difficulties. The new Master Mode Flashpoint will now require a much higher Gear Rating average. Queuing for “Crisis on Umbara” will require a rating average of 242. Be aware that this requirement will not affect guild group queuing, only PUGs through Group Finder. BioWare is also considering applying this requirement retroactively to other Master Mode Flashpoints.

Season 8 for ranked PvP will also be coming to an end with the release of 5.4. The devs are holding back on the reward details until a bit closer to release though. Although they have given us teasers for a new mount and at least one new item set.

Season 8 will be coming to an end! We will post the full breakdown of rewards with screenshots in the coming weeks but in the meantime… the top rewards include a full weapon set and a new Ember Makrin Mount.

More details are coming soon with details about the new Stronghold, so be on the lookout for that. The new update is planned for an August 22 launch.

Just like 5.3, Star Wars: The Old Republic 5.4 will include a lot of different options. Companion customizations and QoL tweaks, a new stronghold to buy and customize; and finally, further minute balance tuning to address some issues introduced in the previous patch. Discipline balance tweaks are scheduled to continue with changes to Lethality, Ruffian, Concealment, Scrapper, Medicine, Sawbones, Fury, Concentration, Carnage, and Combat.

The list of changes and clarifications can be found here.

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