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Forza Horizon 4 racing out in October

Forza Horizon 4

A new trailer for Forza Horizon 4 during E3 2018 last week, the newest racing game in the uber-difficult racing simulator has all the trappings fans would expect. Dozens of hyper-realistic cars with interesting and challenging races all built around a solid physics engine. Forza Horizon 4 may well be the best version yet.

This new game will be primarily set in the United Kingdom, with lots of landmarks and iconic courses modeled in the game with painstaking detail. Those who saw the E3 stage demo got to see an Edinburgh street course for example.

Forza Horizon 4 will also include realistic and dynamic weather to add an extra challenge to racing. Forza Horizon 4’s seasons will change weekly, with the same schedule for everyone playing in its always-online shared version of Great Britain. And for those of you that care, the game will run at a locked 60 FPS on consoles.

Another cool feature is that the course and race designer returns, but has been fully redesigned. The new Route Creator “lets you design and share your own custom race routes anywhere in the open world,” according to the official Forza site.

Check out the trailer below for more great racing action. Forza Horizon 4 is coming on October 2nd, as a Windows 10 exclusive – as all Microsoft’s own games are. It’ll also be playable through the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service, from launch day.

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