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Food Fantasy mobile RPG opens for pre-registration

Food Fantasy Mobile RPG pre-registration opened

If you’re a fan of cooking animes like Shokugeki no Soma, there’s a new mobile game from Elex that involves running a restaurant while you send out your Food Souls out to complete deliveries and fight evil foods. Yes I said Food Souls, all your in-game characters are heroes named after food. So you could have teams named Milk, Tempura and many more quirky things.

Cooking and running the restaurant is all as you would expect, it’s mostly just making sure your dishes are in stock and staff are happy so that customers get served. The battles in Food Fantasy are also pretty predictable when it comes to mobile RPGs. Timing abilites and attacks with careful screen presses and flicks can make these fights a lot easier. And if you manage to win, you get various Food Soul upgrades and food items for your restaurant. The game will feature hundreds of recipes for players to discover, as well as plenty of furniture and design items for customizing and decorating their restaurants.

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Food Fantasy comes from Chinese publisher ELEX, famed for their work with mega-hits like Clash of Kings and Love Nikki; which should indicate both a decent quality of gameplay, mixed with the typical trappings of mobile gaming like wait timers and asset management.

The game also has an all-star cast of voice actors for the English version like Ray Chase of Final Fantasy XV or Christina Vee of anime fame. There’s a lot to like here if you’re a fan of anime waifus and mobile gaming.

Check out the trailer for this quirky mobile game below. The game comes out of the oven on its full release on July 20 on iOS and Android.

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