How to get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Guide: How to get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst

The Fourth Horseman has arrived in Destiny 2, bringing a new and destructive gear choice to the shooter in the Season of the Worthy. There are multiple steps to unlocking this powerful weapon. The new shotgun has a crapton of stopping power and has its own unique set of abilities. The Thunderer perk allows the gun to have a higher fire rate compared to other weapons in its class. The Broadside perk on the base gun also increases the damage dealt with successive shots. This is all enhanced by the Exotic Catalyst for the weapon as well.

With all of the new weapons and grinds in the Season of the Worthy, there’s plenty to do, so we’re going to give you the direction you need to save some time. Check below for the breakdown of the steps you need to take to unlock this weapon of war.

How to get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

First, you need to complete the quest chain to unlock the base gun. That starts with going Zavala in the Tower, and look inside the weapon case in his office. Once you notice that the gun is gone, the quest chain begins, here are the tasks you need to complete, in order:

  1. Talk to Zavala about it, who will send you to Ana Bray on Mars.
  2. Kill Cabal and complete public events to gain intel on the Cabal.
  3. Return to Ana and complete runs of the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector in the Glacial Drift to kill Psions.
  4. Ana will send you to speak to Benedict 99-40 in the Annex.
  5. Head to Earth and begin completing Patrols and Public Events to gather intel as part of the “Dirty Work” quest.
  6. Benedict 99-40 will give you a new quest to complete the Legendary Quarry Lost Sector, open the final chest to get the Fourth Horseman.
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If the Quarry isn’t up today, you’ll need to wait until it rotates back around. Only one of the three Legendary Lost Sectors are available a day, and they rotate in a set order: Scavenger’s Den, Skydock IV, The Quarry.

After that, there are more quests to go through. To get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst, you will need to complete either  high-level Legendary Lost Sector Adventures or the Seraph Tower public event. Doing these steps will unlock the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2. You will need to have a fairly high Light level of at least 1,000 to tackle these, so grind that out first if you’re not there yet.

The Exotic Catalyst for the weapon is unlocked once you use the base weapon long enough to rack up enough kills.

And as part of unlocking the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2, you will also be taking on various tasks for Zavala and other faction reps in the game. This will also entail gathering plenty of new items and taking on some tough enemies, so expect quite the grind in this new season. The Warmind Bits and Chipsets that can be traded in with the Warmind Rasputin quests will also start raining down as a part of unlocking the new weapon.

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