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Far Cry 5 Trailers Show Off Support Characters and The Cult Figureheads


The hype machine for Far Cry 5 is running at peak performance. This week, Ubisoft has released a pack of five new trailers for the game focusing on the various allies and enemies that the player will encounter.

The first trailer puts the spotlight on various factions within the game world. The gameplay trailer, Mayhem in the Mountains, is an action-heavy rundown of some of the major players in Hope County. From a friendly bear named Cheeseburger to the silent killer Jess Black, there are a lot of interesting and dangerous folks in Far Cry 5.

The other four trailers are all vignettes that focus on the main characters in the Cult that the player must take down. These four are Joseph Seed, the father and figurehead of the cult, John Seed, a damaged but manipulative leader whose slogan of “Yes” makes him look like a demented Daniel Bryan, Jacob Seed, who has a very violent and impatient side and will test the player with time-based challenges, and Faith Seed, a more mystical woman who found solace in the cult.

How the Seeds will affect gameplay, aside from Jacob’s time trial challenges, isn’t known at this time. But it’s pretty likely that all of the Seeds will have their own unique settings and gameplay mechanics.

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With over-the-top action, as well as a deep personal story that highlights the dangers of extremism and propaganda in a way that’s entirely unique to the Far Cry series; Far Cry 5 will put players in a tough spot that they’ll need all the help they can get just to survive.

Far Cry 5 is currently poised to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 27.

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