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Everspace 2 heads to early access this month

Everspace 2

The Everspace 2 Early Access period is almost here. The full game is due out in 2022, but there will be an extended testing period coming out in 2021. During that time, there will be multiple phases of early development builds via both Steam and GOG. The Steam EA and GOG Games in Development Program will both get the same versions, so don’t worry about missing anything.

Rockfish Games wants to deliver the best possible version of their idea of a space sim in the sequel. Players will venture across space and unlock an expansive 25-hour story as they encounter alien races and mysterious technology. The story will be expanded across about half-a-dozen planetary systems, with tons of miniature events sprinkled in.

As you play through both the main story and the side missions, you’re going to be exposed to challenging tasks with great rewards. Those rewards can make later missions a bit easier assuming you can make proper use of the upgrades. Ship customization and crafting will also get a much more expanded focus this time around. so expect a lot of riggering things as the game moves on.

Everspace 2 will become available on January 18th for PC, Mac and Linux for $39.99/£31.99. The testing period for the sequel will be limited to English versions of the game for now, though the full release will have more language support. Also, there will be more features, like full HOTAS support in the final game. The game will take place across the vastness of space, so it will be good to have that finer control. The team at Rockfish have also made it clear that they’re focusing on delivering the most refined version of the game possible, with a very seamless experience.

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The game was already delayed last year, so it will be nice to finally get our hands on it in 2021.

Check out the latest trailer for Everspace 2 Early Access down below.

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